Q: Why are you making yet another set of guides?

A: I was making these for a long time (since 2014), mainly as a way to make the shop layout more comfortable for myself. At some point I started publishing them to share with people I know.

*Q: What are these guides based on?

A: Mostly stats of Immortal Rank and competitive games and build progressions, generated from the data. For some cases the builds are made (or adjusted) based on a hero spammer’s feedback. In other cases the build is discussed and tested on my discord (like experimental builds).

When updating, I’m usually looking for stats, new trends of playing a hero and spammers’ feedback. I’m also using my own game knowledge (of playing for 6 years and working with professional teams, as well as being a hero spammer myself) to make small adjustments.

If there’s not enough data (e.g. a hero is relatively new), I’m usually making a first set of builds based on my assumptions, then adjust it based on discussions with other people. Then it all settles once I get enough stats.

Q: Why are some builds outdated?

A: I’m doing this alone in my free time. I’m not testing all the builds myself (I’m relying on other people and their feedback instead), and I can’t check every single build on a daily basis.

Usually outdated guides are for heroes who fell out of meta, so there aren’t enough data to make something good for them.

Q: Why do you make corrections?

A: Some trends and ideas aren’t reflected in stats (sometimes because very high MMR players tend to be conservative, so there aren’t enough data for unorthodox builds). Here’s where discussions and my corrections are used.

Q: Why are there so many items in your builds?

A: I’m going with “There should be everything you may need in most games” philosophy. It means I’m going to cover not only early game and core items, but also situational early items (which may replace early or core item choices), best lategame items, situational replacements for them, as well as utility or core transition items for specific roles.

All these items aren’t meant to be bought in one game, obviously. Instead, these are just advices — and it’s up to you if you’d like to follow them or not. I’m just providing choices and explanations of why would you like to switch.

Q: Your builds are shit because I’m losing with them every time.

A: Dota is a game where everything can work. I’m using data of games where these builds worked (or players who use these builds constantly). If you’re losing with these builds, it’s most likely not an issue with the build, if high level players are successful with it.

Unorthodox builds, on the other hand, require deep enough level of game knowledge to make it work, so if you’re losing with them, it’s probably not the build you’d want to choose (or the hero in general).

Q: When are you going to publish a guide for hero X?

A: My final goal to cover all the heroes and viable roles. But I’m usually publishing a guide once a hero gets rather popular (and there’s enough data to make a guide for it).

Q: Why does it take so long to make guides?

A: It’s a lot of stuff to keep track of. And I have stuff to work on outside of dota guides.

Q: Where are the descriptions?

A: I’m publishing descriptions when I can. It usually requires a lot of thinking from either myself or somebody else. I don’t aim to make a description for everything in a guide, but usually I’m trying to comment the choices that are needed to be explained + provide some useful insights (e.g. abilities, combos, tricks, timings). It takes a lot of effort and time to research all of it.

Usually I’m publishing some guides without descriptions, then add everything later.